There is an undeniable gap in participation.

Women are consistently less active than men at all ages.

Children meeting Physical Activity Guidelines:

  • Girls 8%
  • Boys 14%

Canadians participating in sport:

  • Women 19%
  • Men 35%
Girls basketball program


of Canadian Girls aged 12 to 17 get enough physical activity for health benefits


  • Females comprised only 39% of registered competitors and 38% of recreational members with summer sport National Sport Organizations (Sport Canada, 2010)
  • Women and girls from diverse racial backgrounds are the most underrepresented in the Canadian sport and recreation system (Sport Canada, 2005)
  • School-aged children and youth in Nova Scotia indicate a statistically significant difference in physical activity levels between boys and girls, with poorer results for girls across a number of areas (Keeping Pace, 2010/2011)
  • Males far outnumber females in terms of taking on administrative roles within community clubs and provincial sport and recreation associations (Volunteer Experience of Girls and Women in Sport and Recreation, 2007)
  • 60% of arenas allocate less than 10 hours per week for girls/women (Nova Scotia Arena Access Study, 2006)