Privacy Policy

This website implements Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting using the DoubleClick third-party cookie to gather 3rd-party audience data (such as age, gender, and interests), so that we can better understand who is using and how to better serve your needs.

When you visit a website that has partnered with the Google Display Network, Google stores a number in your browser (using a “cookie”) to remember your visits. This number uniquely identifies a web browser on a specific computer, not a specific person. Browsers may be associated with a demographic category, such as gender or age range, based on the sites that were visited.

In addition, some sites might provide Google with demographic information that people share on certain websites, such as social networking sites. Google may also use demographics derived from Google profiles. does not collect personally identifying information, except your e-mail address if you subscribe to the e-newsletter, or any information you provide voluntarily through Tell Your Story; however, your e-mail address is not associated with any of our demographic information.

Google does not include age data below 18.

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Depending on your web browser, you should be able to set your own privacy settings if you wish to opt-out of website tracking, or you can download and install this plug-in.