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Despite advances to ensure fair access and opportunities for women and girls in physical activity, sport and recreation, women and girls in Nova Scotia continue to be underrepresented as participants, leaders, coaches, and officials.

Sport and recreation stakeholders participating in a series of gender equity forums made it abundantly clear that the status quo is unacceptable and the pace of change needs to accelerate.

Establishing a provincial collaborative structure with dedicated resources to advance the position of women and girls in all aspects of sport and recreation was recommended.

In response to this call for action, the Steering Committee to Create an Organization to Support and Promote Women and Girls in Physical Activity, Sport, and Recreation was formed in the fall of 2013 to lay the foundation for WomenActive-NS.

In 2015, the Province of Nova Scotia, Active Living Branch of the Department of Health and Wellness provided dedicated funding to WomenActive-NS.

Today, WomenActive-NS is proud to advance the participation of girls and women in sport, recreation, and physical activity, and empower them to take on leadership roles across these sectors.

WomenActive-NS is funded by the Government of Nova Scotia, with in-kind support from Recreation Nova Scotia and Sport Nova Scotia.


WomenActive-NS envisions a Nova Scotia where women and girls are active, encouraged, supported, and celebrated for participating in and leading a gender equitable physical activity, sport, and recreation sector.


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WomenActive-NS will Advocate, Educate, Collaborate, and Promote meaningful active living experiences and leadership opportunities to enrich the lives of all women and girls in Nova Scotia.



WomenActive-NS will be guided by the following values:

Respect – We encourage mutual respect, openness, cooperation, transparency, and dialogue with others to achieve change.

Diversity – We recognize the right of all women and girls to participate and lead in sport, physical activity, and recreation for leisure, health promotion, or high performance regardless of race, ethnicity, language, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, (dis)ability, spirituality, age, geography, literacy, education, and income, etc.

Fairness – We value the fair allocation of resources, power, and responsibility without discrimination on the basis of sex and support remediation of any inequitable balance in the benefits available to women and men in the active living sector.

Courage – As the voice of Nova Scotia’s women and girls in the active living sector we act courageously in support of respect, diversity, and fairness.



  1. Collaborate with organizations and individuals to achieve gender equity in physical activity, sport, and recreation.
  2. Advocate for gender equity in sport, physical activity, and recreation.
  3. Educate and support organizations and individuals to help increase the number and quality of participation and leadership opportunities for women and girls in sport, physical activity, and recreation.
  4. Promote and celebrate women and girls as participants and leaders in sport, physical activity, and recreation.



  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Skill Building
  • Policy