A Professional

in Sport, Recreation, and Physical Activity


Are you paying attention to gender equity in physical activity, sport, or recreation?

Are you aware of why, as professionals, we should?

There are many resources that speak to why we need to pay attention and these may be found under the Resource tab. The most important reason is because it is the right thing to do.

Here are some helpful ways to talk about the focus on women and girls:

There is a gap in participation levels between males and females.  It doesn’t matter if we look across education or income levels, girls and women are always less active.

When girls become as active as boys, we can focus on both.

The research shows us that when we focus on girls, we make a difference with boys. Everybody wins!

When we focus on girls and women, we are focusing on slightly more than half of the population in Nova Scotia.

Right now boys and men are more active, and we need to get our women and girls just as active.

It’s that simple.

We encourage you to put any activities or programs you are offering for women and girls on the nsconnect.ca website so we can share between regions.

As practitioners, we should also be aware of the need to create supportive environments for women and girls.

Don’t hesitate to talk about the need for women on boards and in other leadership roles such as coaching.

Talk to facilities about ice and field times allotted to women’s and girls’ sports.

We know that a 2006 Nova Scotia Arena Access Study showed that 60% of arenas allocate less than 10 hours per week for girls/women.

Pay attention to media messaging and media coverage. Then advocate for increased coverage of female athletes and community champions.

We know you can.

Tell Us Your Story as a practitioner in physical activity, recreation, and sport and help us learn how to best support you in your work.