A Sport / Recreation Organization

Organizations want to be seen as progressive. In the past year, we have seen more corporations recognize the value of marketing products to women who are physically active. Nike and Under Armour are just two examples of companies that have launched new campaigns. Dairy Farmers of Canada supports the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity to help women succeed and advance in sport, while encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle. What does this mean?

It shows there is true value (economic or otherwise) in paying attention to women in sport, recreation, and physical activity.


Marketing and Promotion

So what can you do as a smaller organization?  To start, you can pay attention to how your organization markets programs and services to women and girls. Try putting a gender lens on your strategy – quite simply, engage women and girls in your process!


Board Composition

There is plenty of research to show the impact women have on boards.

“The research is very clear. Increasing the representation of women on boards is good for business and associated with higher profitability. Not only does an improved gender balance enable corporations to hire and recruit board members from a broader talent pool, it more accurately reflects clients and markets. In fact, with women controlling 80% of consumer spending, the presence of women in senior management and as board directors: reflects market realities; appeals to clients; and informs decision-making about a wider range of markets and products.”

Consider developing a gender equity policy for your board. Aim for a minimum of 40%. We will post sample policies for your use soon.

If you fund organizations, we encourage you to set criteria around gender equity and weigh that criteria more heavily than other criteria. We will work to ensure we provide those organizations with the required resources and support to implement these changes.

We are in the process of developing these supports and building the capacity to offer Gender Equity Audits, where we work with organizations to do a gender assessment.

Resources you may find helpful in the meantime are:

Towards Gender Equity for Women in Sport: A Handbook for Sport Organizations

Gender Equity Assessment Tool: For Community Sport and Physical Activity Providers

Gender Equity Assessment Tool: For Sport Clubs and Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations