A Mom

Mother and daughter ice skating in an arenaTwo things we have noticed Mom:

First, we know your focus is on your children and that is commendable! You are the person who gets the kids to hockey, soccer, dance, gymnastics…and so on.

Second, we know that if you have a spouse or partner, you ensure that they have the time to participate in activities that are meaningful to them.

But, here’s the thing; we need you to start thinking about you, your health, and doing things you love to do.


Women playing soccer outdoorsWell, because if you are not healthy – it impacts everyone!

Furthermore, don’t you deserve to have some time for you?

If you have a daughter, would you want her to take some time to do the things she loves to do? How about a sister? Aunt? Grandmother? Right?

You see, you are a role model and we want to help you with this. After all, we know that a mother’s participation in sport increases the rate of her child’s participation by 22%! So, by taking some time to get active – you are helping everyone!

Start today! Talk to your family and schedule time for you.

Take a walk, enjoy a trail, try a sport, or coach a team!

We know you can.

Mothers walking and talking pushing strollers