A Guy

Don’t worry. We like you.

We are focusing on women and girls because no matter how you look at the data, they are always less active.

It’s that simple.

Here’s what you can do to help women and girls get active:

As a father, we encourage you to bring back play… for the whole family. You will see/hear about fundamental movement skills. Many of these can be developed through natural play, others are more technical and need to be developed early. Encourage this development in both boys and girls.

As a spouse/ partner/ friend, encourage women around you to take time for themselves and to do things that will make a difference for their physical and mental health. Find out why they “don’t have time” to do these activities and identify ways you can help.

As a community member, pay attention to your surroundings.

Are there less opportunities in your community for women and girls to participate in sport and recreation?
Are women and girls who are actively engaged in sport recognized and celebrated in your community?

Encourage women you know to get involved in coaching or on boards.  Decision makers on boards in sport and recreation are predominantly male – do sport and recreation organizations have gender equity policies? Are they following them? Are sports organizations in your community aware that women on boards influences participation levels of girls in sport and recreation?

Celebrate our female athletes! Watch or attend games played by women and girls and encourage women and girls to attend with you!  Cheer on professional, national, provincial, university, and high school teams with female athletes. Encourage the media to pick up these games and/or report on these games. 

Nominate our female athletes for the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame and pay attention to who gets inducted!

Pay attention to sport and recreational facilities – would women and girls consider these safe?

Be an advocate for gender equity in your community!

We know you can.

You may find the following resources helpful:

Learn about What Men Can Do

Watch this documentary video on women and sport. It will take about an hour.

Read these Recommendations for Families and Caregivers to Support Participation in Sport and Physical Activity